RAMROD Stories: The 2023 Jersey Design

The concept and design behind this year's event jersey

After all that we've experienced the past few years, we were inspired to reach back to the golden era of cycling in the 1950s before carbon fiber, helmets and electric shifting. The illustrated posters of cycling and a color pallete appropriate to our recollection of the art and promotion became the basis for this year's jersey. To blend past and present, we also chose to celebrate the progress women have been making in endurance cycling and at RAMROD with the first represnetation of a woman cyclist on a RAMROD jersey. Over the past 7 years, the number of women taking part in RAMROD has increased 1% each year and we don't see that trend slowing down one bit.

We also celebrate RAMROD's classics Cayuse Pass climb and descent this year. On the rear panel is a depiction of the straight stretch of road on the climb before the final curves announcing the conclusion of the climb. On the front panel, we see the start of the long descent to the Deli just after conquering the climb.

The 2023 RAMROD Jersey
This year's colorway is a tri-color vintage blue, white and red.

The 2023 RAMROD Jersey