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RAMROD Tickets now live on eBay

June 3rd, 2010 posted by Shane Balkovetz in General, RAMROD

This year RCC is continuing the tradition of conducting an eBay auction of a limited number of RAMROD tickets, with proceeds going to Washington’s National Park Fund ( and on to Mount Rainier National Park. Auctions will be for pairs of tickets and single tickets. Bidders winning an auction for a pair of tickets that reaches $600 will receive two RAMROD jerseys, single ticket winners reaching $300 will receive one jersey.

Prospective riders who are currently wait-listed for a RAMROD registration are eligible to bid in this auction. If a wait-listed rider wins the auction, they will naturally lose their position on the list but without penalty. This is also the only opportunity to transfer a ticket to someone else. Use it for a birthday, anniversary, or just a “Thank you” gift.

RCC is the only legitimate seller of RAMROD tickets.  Any RAMROD tickets offered by other sellers are not authentic tickets and will not be honored at the time of the event.

Clicking on the link at the bottom will take you to the eBay auction. Good luck and thank you for your support!

Shane Balkovetz
Redmond Cycling Club

RCC eBay Auction for RAMROD Tickets


May 7th, 2010 posted by George Thornton in General, RAMROD

RAMROD does not allow the transfer of ride tickets. REPEAT: RAMROD DOES NOT ALLOW THE TRANSFER OF RIDE TICKETS.

We have received reports that some riders are violating this rule and some have even sold their ride tickets at a profit. We warn you that any private transfer is not authorized and may result in sanctions.

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW IDENTIFICATION in order to get your rider packet. For those picking up packets in advance of the ride, YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO SHOW IDENTIFICATION AGAIN AT THE START LINE.

IF you buy your ticket from someone else, you will not get into the ride. Your ticket will be worthless, and you may find yourself permanently banned from all future RAMROD events.
If you got in and find you can’t ride, please give the next person on the waiting list a chance to ride.  Return your ticket, get a refund and know you did the right thing.


April 6th, 2010 posted by George Thornton in General, RAMROD

RAMROD continue to be very popular. We had nearly 200 more applicants than last year. Thirty five states and Canadian provinces are represented, and we had applicants from as far away as Australia and Great Britain. The ride is sold out and the lottery process is in the works.
Remember that if you don’t get in through the lottery, you can go on the waiting list. Many riders get in that way. You can also purchase tickets through our regular charity auction on Ebay. Details will be announced soon.

We’ve been recognized buy essays as Simply the Best Drycleaner and Laundromat by Harrisburg Magazine for over 10 years.

We have been approved to return to the traditional course, which includes access to Paradise and Stevens Canyon as well as Cayuse Pass.    The Park continues to exclude riders from the Paradise parking lot area. We will be turning onto Stevens Canyon Road at Inspiration Point. This is the same course we followed in 2008.


March 2nd, 2010 posted by George Thornton in General, RAMROD

The RAMROD bike band was originally an afterthought that has become a proud symbol of accomplishment.

The bike band is a reflective lime green band that can be looped around the rear seat stays. The band is simple and is printed with the word “RAMROD” in highly visible black.

Many years ago RAMROD organizers bought the bike band to comply with a National Park safety rule. The rule required all riders to wear something highly reflective.

Since then the RAMROD bike band has become a symbol of accomplishment. Those of us who have successfully completed RAMROD are proud to bear the RAMROD symbol on our bikes.

This year the RAMROD bike band is coming back. We have just placed an order for a new stock of bike bands and they will be available in time for RAMROD 2010. Every rider will get one in their rider packet.

RAMROD 2010 Lottery

February 12th, 2010 posted by Bill Hibler in RAMROD

The RAMROD lottery will open on March 1 and will end on March 31.

The registration process changed in 2009. Prior to that, registrants paid the full registration fee and waited to see if they were selected in the lottery. If they were not selected, they could request an immediate refund or be put on the wait list and get a refund if they were not selected or later chose not to ride. Now, everyone pays a non-refundable registration fee of $5 for singles or $10 for tandems and pays the balance only when they are selected to ride–either through the lottery or from the wait list.

The question that seems to come up most often is “What is my chance of being selected?”. The last couple of years, total registrants has been around 1,300 which meant that statistically, your chances werea little better than 50% even considering that about 100 spots go to the previous year’s volunteers. I participated in the lottery only once, in 2005, and was selected. A friend of mine has ridden twice and both times got in from the wait list. Last year, six friends of mine rode. Three were selected in the initial lottery and three got in from the wait list (one got in in mid-June).

The second most frequent question is why some people seem to get selected more than once while others have entered for years without getting in. I can only tell you it is the luck of the draw. The lottery is conducted by a computer at and uses only the current year’s lottery entrants. There is no record in their system of previous year’s entrants. If you want to guarantee yourself a spot in RAMROD, work as a volunteer and earn a lottery bypass for the next year.

Once the lottery has been completed on April 2nd, all registrants will be notified of their selection status. If you are not selected, you will be able to visit the site to see your position on the wait list. If you are willing to train as though you will be selected, your odds of getting in from the wait list are fairly good. In 2007, most got in, 2008 nearly half did and in 2009, of the nearly 1,600 entrants over 1,200 received an invitation to complete their registration. Many, however, were given the opportunity at the very last minute.

One of the most important things I can tell people is to be sure they use an email address that will receive lottery results information. In 2009, every gmail, msn, hotmail, yahoo and boeing address apparently filtered out our initial emails. Whether they did not like the word RAMROD, did not like embedded links, or did not like messages going to several accounts simultaneously I could not tell you. I only know that I heard from hundreds of people who did not receive the initial message with their lottery status. No messages bounced back and we had no way of knowing who did not receive them until we began getting emails from people questioning why they had not heard anything.

The lottery opens just after midnight on March 1st. Good luck and keep the rubber side down.


January 29th, 2010 posted by George Thornton in General, RAMROD

We have begun preparations for RAMROD 2010. It is also time for you to begin training for the event.
The date is Thurday, July 29, 2010.
Early indications from the National Park are that roads will be open and we will be able to return to the traditional course. We do not expect any other changes to the usual Permit restrictions.
For those not already familiar with the course, RAMROD is conducted over mountainous narrow National Park roads, with limited access and almost no services. The terrain is difficult and weather unpredictable. In prior RAMROD events we have seen snow, rainstorms and 100 degree plus heat. This is a fully supported event, and the Redmond Cycling Club provides food, water, sanitation, bike mechanics and full safety and sag support. It is your responsibilitiy to train properly and bring a well maintained bicycle. Since part of the course may be in darkness or fog, you should also bring appropriate lights and reflectors. You will also need to be prepared with suitable clothing for any weather conditions you may encounter on the ride.
As usual, we expect many more ride applicants than there are available slots. For safety and impact reasons the Park allows us to run the event once a year, and limits us to a maximum of 800 riders.
You must register for the event during March, and slots will be assigned by lottery.
WE DO NOT ALLOW TRANSFER OR SALE OF ADMISSION TICKETS. We maintain a waiting list and will transfer your ticket to the next rider if you are unable to ride. You will get a refund, see registration information for specifics.
If you do not get in through the lottery, you can volunteer and gain enough credits to earn a bypass for next year. The bypass admits you to the ride without having to go through the lottery.
We also will auction a number of tickets through Ebay, usually in late April or early May. This is a charitble auctions, one hundred percent of the proceeds from the Ebay sales are donated to a charity.

Please be aware that we do not do last minute bib transfers. For safety reasons we must have reliable and complete rider lists by a week before the event. This means we close down registration for transfers by approximately July 15. If you are not already admitted to the ride, do not go to the start line hoping for a last minute transfer. There will be none available.

2010 Seattle Bike Swap

January 6th, 2010 posted by Joe in General

This year’s Seattle Bike Swap is from 9am-2pm on Saturday, February 27th at the Magnuson Park Hangar #30. The RCC will have a booth at the swap to help members sell their bike gear. To sell your gear, you need to do two things: 1) drop off your gear at the garage’s of either Steve R or Donald J and 2) include instructions on pricing (i.e. price & OBO). Donald will arrange to bring all gear to the Magnuson Park Hangar.

For more information about the swap, click here.

The Laughing Group Ride Report- Seabeck Hills, May 10

June 12th, 2009 posted by Bill Pence in GooseBumps


What a day, Thrill Seekers! About three dozen riders queued up on the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock on Saturday to ride to Seabeck and points beyond. We had Rabbits, Laughers, and COGsters. The latter from that shadowy COGS organization, led by our own Agent Louise. After I scheduled this ride, the folks in the white coats decided to try yet another antihypertensive on me. I’m happy to say that that one seems to work, in conjunction with the other two. It also leaves me prey to attacks by neighborhood kids on their tricycles, so I was thinking best let Agent Louise lead this one and hang on as long as I could, then turn back or throw myself into the ditch.

When we debouched from the ferry things went OK, as we climbed the tough hill up to the store. I was blown already and thought about turning back. We regrouped and I looked for Dan and Pam, who were planning on riding with me. Not to be seen. I rode back around the corner to look for them, and people took off. I raced to catch them but couldn’t; 18-20 on a flat road with a tailwind was my limit, otherwise I went anaerobic. This was not going to end well. I soloed into Port Orchard to regroup, and found myself joining up with Agent Louise and the COGS Cult. I hadn’t realized until that point that COGS was not just a cyclewear vendor, but in some ways resembled a cult. I immediately flashed back to The Temple of Doom, and the Thuggee Cult worshipping the Goddess Kali, drinking strange beverages, ritual sacrifices, matching outfits, that sort of thing. And given the way I was feeling, I got the role of the poor schmoe lowered into the flaming pit (think endless climbs maxing out the Steep-O-Meter).

We left in a mob, and soon pedaled onto a busy highway where we were hammering for all we were worth to stay alive amidst screaming cars. Crossing way too many lanes of traffic, we finally managed to exit the Highway from Hell and emerge onto pleasant country lanes. The only drawback being the pleasant country lanes went up at a steep angle. We worked our way around to the west of Bremerton, going first up, then down, then up again. Fortunately the Sprocket Queen kept her disciples well organized and we regrouped regularly. A good thing as there were only a couple of people behind me, and their biggest problem was managing their crutches.

We put all of the hill sprints behind us and turned onto Northlake road, where we started the serious climbing. This actually wasn’t so bad, and was a long steady climb to gain the plateau. That accomplished, we promptly raced back down hill heading for Seabeck. Quite a rush, and quite lovely. In good time we arrived at Barbie’s in Seabeck, where some of the overachievers were already tucking into the pie. I got myself some cherry pie and enjoyed it on the dock in warm sunshine. The pie was exceptional. While I was finishing my pie, the COGS Cult were engaged in more ritual activity, making offerings of pie to their Goddess the SprocketQueen (offering at right). Not wanting to be lowered into the fiery pit once again, I elected to saddle up and beat feet up the long climb ahead of the Cult. This worked out pretty well. Eventually Purple Peggy and some others caught up with me, but I managed to hold off most of them for a long time. image004

I ended up pulling a long train of riders at a pretty good clip. After a while I was thinking, “Why was the old guy taking all of the performance lowering drugs doing all the pulling here?”. So  I pulled off. Pretty soon we were howling down a steep descent, headed for Holly. As we howled, I started passing everyone, and eventually flew past PapaGoose.  I was looking ahead as the road appeared to tilt up and thinking good, that will slow me down. When I hit that part I kept on going fast- optical illusion- it was flat. Eventually the road tilted up and I noted I was going up a steep climb at 40 mph. Later I found that the guys I passed had been going 51 mph, so it was quite a descent.

We regrouped at the base of a steep climb in a lovely glade of trees. The unnamed road Agent Louise was looking for didn’t seem to exist. While we looked at maps a car drove up and a guy got out with a can of course-marking paint and painted a skull and crossbones and a left turn arrow pointing up the super steep climb. They turned out to be laying out a triathlon course and this was to be the mountain climbing section. Consultation with these folks revealed that up was the only way to go. So we shifted down and stood up. This went on for a good long time, and was exquisitely painful, especially if you were the guinea pig in medical trials of various nasty drugs. The only fellow in greater pain was Dan, who was gutting it out behind me. I had to admire his courage and perseverance. The views on the way up were exceptional of the snow capped mountains.


The climb was actually pretty short, in dog years (we were suffering like dogs), and we eventually reached the turnoff to the Bear Creek-Dewatto road. There we regrouped. The Goddess was none too sure of her route at that point, so to avoid further human sacrifices I whipped out my Topo maps and PapaGoose consulted Henry. The Goddess meanwhile consulted with a passing motorist, who didn’t know the name of the road but knew it went to Belfair, somehow. So we set off. The topo map said this led to an Alpe d’Huez style climb, and it was right. More suffering here. Eventually the pain ended and we regrouped, then set off in search of Goat Roper Road. Agent Louise  wanted to try this one because of her early days as a Goat Roper in Westchester County rodeos. We passed by where I thought it might be, and then PapaGoose noted that Henry had shown us passing the road, which turned out to be a dirt forest track. We continued on down the Elfendall Pass road in a fun descent and eventually ended up on the Belfair Hwy. image006

Agent Louise went to the front on these rollers and pulled her disciples into Belfair in good order. We stopped at the supermarket and loaded up on food and drink. While we were doing so, who should appear but David the Deranged, momentarily off the back of the Rabbits. I knew I would get to point and snicker at an exhausted Rabbit! The plan called for us to exit Belfair on Rt 3 and climb up the hill. That was quite a climb, and Dan and I were at the back suffering. The traffic was something to see. We found Lake Flora road and continued to climb, near the top we spied Agent Louise waiting for us; no doubt another ritual was on offer. Once we got this climbing nonsense out of the way we were in the rollers on familiar terrain, and after a while I went to the front to air it out. This was great fun and soon enough we were descending into Port Orchard. I piddled through town, waiting for Dan to catch up, and then let some of the Young Disciples go ahead and pull on the shore road. We had the wind in our faces so I just sat on.

About five miles out from Southworth my back tire started to go soft, so I queried PPG and Steve as to whether my tire looked flat. After discussing it, and checking from various angles, they concluded that yes, I had a flat tire. I looked around for a convenient place to stop and picked a nice apple orchard. We pulled in while the Young Disciples continued on. When we image007pulled in we were greeted by a deep barking, warning us to leave. PPG and I started on the tire, Steve practiced yoga napping, Elizabeth started stretching, and Agent Louise dealt with the ravening guard dog. The RGD turned out to be a big yellow lab who came out to run us off but brought his ball as well in case we wanted to play. Agent Louise, having found yet another Disciple, played fetch with the ball and the RGD. This was such a great spot we were all loathe to leave. Especially as the extra mileage had added ten miles to our trip.image008

Eventually we hit the road and I went to the front. The performance lowering medications by now had just about worn off, and I felt pretty peppy, so I went out pretty hard. Kent and Steve joined me and we spent the last five miles giving Louise a  hard time. I should note that, unlike her GOGS Disciples, we waited for her. The Flock are nothing if not gentlemen. We coasted into the ferry dock to learn that the ferry had left moments before, and the next one was due in an hour and a half. PPG, Steve, Dan, Louise, and I pedaled back up the hill to the store and went shopping. We were later joined by Emily. While we were sucking down various recovery foods and drinks, Agent Louise, whose body is a temple, rolled out packages of beef jerky, oreo cookies, and similar junk food. We were appalled. Where were the bean sprouts, the tofu, the edamame? A temple alright- the Temple of Doom!

A few minutes later who should appear but Dan and Pam, last seen on the ferry. They appeared suspiciously fresh. We questioned them closely, certain that they had spent the day lounging on the beach. The found the same missing roads that we did, and had pie at Barbies, so they indeed did the deed. Apparently Dan had flatted on the ferry, and they followed the route, mostly, about 30 minutes behind us. After a shopping trip in the store, they reappeared. Pam was clutching a cold bottle of image009beer. She had all of our attention, and not because she was a cute blonde. We were entranced by the cold bottle of good beer. There was an immediate stampede into the store to buy Black Butte Porter at $1.79 a bottle. There was no opener but PPG said that many parts on bicycles could open beer bottles, which he proceeded to do on his SPD pedals. I followed suit. Emily, new to the sport, needed further instruction. This, this was heaven. Best part of the day.

Eventually the ferry appeared, we got on, we lounged about on the trip home, and we slogged up the hill to our cars. Our totals were 94 miles, 5300′ of climbing, a very nice piece of pie, spectacular views, lovely roads, and lots of very tired legs. Kudos to Agent Louise for a fine job of getting us around the course. And to top it all, we didn’t have to drink strange beverages, endure the Black Sleep, or chant Kali Ma. A Perfect Ride™.

On Sunday I led a mixed group of about a dozen on a much needed recovery ride. Next week, we’ll meet in Monroe and do Steve’s Index Loop. More on that later.

Yours in fatigue,

Photos stolen from the SprocketQueen

Ride Report- The Laughing Group, Golden Horde Redux

June 7th, 2009 posted by Bill Pence in GooseBumps

The Golden Horde Redux

Greetings, Thrill Seekers! The Golden Horde met once again to devastate the landscape and strip stores of their Gatorade. It was a fine day for cycling and we had a mob at signup- about 42 people. Lots of Suspiciously Fit People. As well as the return of two Goslings from the injured reserve list, Greg G. and John E. Welcome back! They turned in strong performances. We had lots of the usual suspects, too many to name, in fact, but we also had Sylvia, returned from a stint of Grandparenting, and Heather P, returning after a stint of Parenting. Some new faces, as well. A noted absence was Agent Louise, even though we had put in bonus hills for her. Must be out with those Creepy Old Guys again.

The route was dreamed up by David, and included a new pathway to get up to Echo Lake via a footpath from the top of Woodinville Duvall. This path was much debated and researched by the Conclave of Menial Underlings, and we even enlisted the Princess to research easements and plats at the Assessor’s Office.  Laughing Leader even rode the path on his bike on Thursday to insure that there would be hot towels and beverages. There was also a lot of extraneous gallivanting about that I snipped out.
I enlisted Shan to deal with the SFPs and Greg G. and the Princess to sweep. Along the way I got yeoman service from Dave the Lesser and Per marking corners and pulling to give my ravaged body a rest. We started out and went straight up DotHill and then climbed up to 165th and rolled down to Avondale. It sounded like we were dying but in the end we all made it. I skipped the Death Threat Hill start that the Rabbits used because, well, I don’t like receiving Death Threats. We regrouped at Avondale and 165th and then headed through the neighborhoods to Mink road. At Woodinville Duvall we broke up into groups and headed for the top. Shan took the SFPs first. We turned off on 222nd and headed up to the footpath. It was absolutely beautiful. Big smiles on people’s faces emerging from the leafy canopy. We regrouped at Echo Lake and then took off for Welch road. A screaming descent, and then the hammerfest on Elliott, Connolly, and Springthetti to emerge down in the valley.
As we approached Snohomish I noticed a long line of bicycles, pedaling slowly near the airport. There must have been fifty of them! The all wore colored ribbons in their hair, and were chained together. A Cascade Ride Leader was beating a drum in a slow cadence, setting the pace. Ah. A CTS ride. Going to Sultan. A long day ahead of them. As I passed the chanting cyclists, I noticed one gal who looked familiar- very slender, long hair, but with a glazed look in her eyes. “Roseanne, Roseanne, snap out of it!” Yes, it was Roseanne of Dave and Roseanne, who was one of the ride leaders. She asked not to be outed but it was too good a story to tell.
At the restrooms in Snohomish we had 40+ Laughers, the Rabbits then rolled in, both groups, and then two colors of CTS riders. It was a madhouse! After eating my secret recipe energy sandwich (hey! it worked!), and filling bottles, we exited the mob scene and headed for Monroe. Dave the Lesser went to the front and pulled at a good pace. We crested Lord Hill and the back end came off. After a bit the SFPs took off. Followed shortly by Per, and not too closely by Shana. Some people behind tried to catch us, but had no luck. Meanwhile we reeled in some of the folks who had gone off the front. DtL is tireless! When we collected Shana, she was thinking, “Great, another big gorilla I can draft”.  When we arrived on her wheel I told Dave to “let her dangle off the front”. ;-) Per had given the SFPs a thrill, and left them with Little Lynn, sans goretex, pulling a long line of guys. No chivalry here.
We stopped briefly in Monroe for drinks, and then headed for High Rock Road. We left Lotto Guy in the store by mistake,  buying a sandwich. Oh well, someone always gets left. At Crescent Lake the Princess Option group diverted, and went over to High Bridge Road. The rest of the Horde stormed up the High Rock road. Sort of. I felt a lot better than usual and was able to keep the SFPs in sight. Halfway up a small group of Rabbits bolted past us. Soon enough we regrouped at Cherry Valley. Only three people had opted to continue up Lake Fontal road, and that included Lynn, fresh from her thrashing of the guys on the Old Snohomish road. The rest of us took off down Cherry Valley like bats out of Hell. Quite a rush. We broke into groups and headed for Woodinville Duvall road and the climb back. Lotto Guy hooked up with us then, having missed the fun on High Rock.
Many of the SFPs chose to go straight back on Woodinville Duvall; the rest of us climbed Old Wood Duvall, and regrouped at Radar Lake. From there is was over hill and dale down to Avondale, where we crossed and started the climb up 146th Way. As we came around the corner for that last little pitch, Lotto Guy said “Oh Shit!”. My thoughts exactly. It was a relief to have the climbing finally over, and we savored a screaming descent down to the brewery. As we passed the 145th street route, David and some Rabbits popped out of their burrows and followed us down.
Red Hook was mobbed, but the patio was open, so we had three tables, one inside, cool, with hard chairs. Too hard, I thought. Another outside, with picnic tables. Too hot, I thought. Inside, by the quiescent fireplace, cool, with a soft couch. Just right! We had a grand time after the ride, swilling fluids, telling tales. And Dave the Lesser bought a pitcher!
A great day, and a Perfect Ride™. About 56 miles and 3000′. Kudos to Dave the Lesser and Per, Greg and the Princess, Shan, and David the Deranged for a nice route variation!